Álvaro Palacios Spain presentation


Client: Álvaro Palacios Spain

The Yerga mountain in Alfaro (eastern Rioja), the slate slopes of Gratallops (Priorat) and the green hills at Corullón (Bierzo) are the three spots in Spain where Alvaro Palacios' vineyars are settled.
This element has a narrow relationship to an other work still in course: the edition of three books, one for each of Alvaro Palacios' cellar.

The story begins in 2005, when graphic designer Xavier Bas calls me to participate in this dense and substantial publishing project. In the three books a very plural content puts together a full range of different approaches: history, geographic information, illustration, geology, climate, vegetal context, literature...
Beyond the rewarding that it is to build up a content and a design of a great complexity, the best thing of the project is to know and to maintain a regular deal with Palacios, a true paradigm of that type of client that impels you to grow professionally and personally.