• Vinyes de l'Albà

  • Vins de Mesies

Three wine packaging projects


Clients: Camí de la Font, Vinyes de l’Albà, Vins de Mesies

In his essential work Graphic design in Spain (1997), Enric Satué lamented with some frustration that "we are still far from a general update of the design of wine labels”. It is clear that today he would not say the same thing. For more than a decade we've been living a fruitful and rich stage for this aspect of graphic communication, with examples that have achieved worldwide notoriety. Names such as Xavier Bas, Moruba, Salvatore Adduci or J. J. Bertran, among others, have led the way and I have to say that their work has been an essential reference when addressing the conceptualization of these three packaging projects I post here.

Camí de la Font, the first one, plays with the idea of a mosaic of colour, with a result that refers to the sensorial perception of the wine itself; on its hand, Vinyes de l'Albà gives a meaning of centrality and sense of place; finally Vins de Mesies presents the different elements of organic viticulture in an attractive way. In all of these labels, the crucial key has been the vision of Txell Gràcia, in charge of the graphic creation.